Osteopathic Centre

Osteopathic centre Affidea Praha has long been dealing mostly with diagnostics and treatment of metabolic bone diseases, mainly osteoporosis. Since its foundation in 1997, the Osteopathic Centre has become one of the largest specialized centres in the Czech Republic focusing on metabolic bone diseases and osteoporosis, organizationally and operationally also focusing on regular clinic operation. The osteopathic outpatient centres consist of physicians specialised in areas which deal with osteoporosis (internal medicine, endocrinology, rheumatology). 5 physicians have specialised competence in Clinical osteology.

Since 2011 Osteopathic Centre Affidea Praha has become an accredited facility certified in Clinical Osteology (which means it participates in training of physicians in this field), and it is a contract partner of health insurance companies to prescribe parathyroid hormone (which is especially expensive part of osteoporosis therapy).

The head of the department and his deputies have been members of the committee of the Society of metabolic skeletal diseases of Czech Medical Association of J.E.Purkyně - www.smos.cz   This professional society is an expert guarantor for the osteoporosis patients in the Czech Republic. Physicians of the Osteopathic Centre often lecture at many symposium, congresses and other events in the Czech Republic focused on osteoporosis.

Information for Patients

Osteopathic centre Affidea Praha belongs to densitometry facilities with the highest number of performed densitometric performances (and therefore appropriate experience) not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Europe. Since 2000 we have examined more than 96000 patients, many of them repeatedly. The facility performs densitometry examination for special clinics and inpatient facilities in Prague and also outside Prague and also provide services for physicians dealing with this issue.

Densitometric facilities are followed by osteopathic ambulances suitable for patients with diagnosed osteoporosis or other metabolic bone diseases, for further examination and treatment.
There are 8 physicians in the osteopathic centre dealing with metabolic bone disease which means Affidea Praha belongs to the top in the Czech Republic according to the number of the treated patients.

Examination Request Form

To simplify the appointment process the request form for bone densitometry examination (form type K) with prepared contact information and phone number – see the attachment

PDFrequest form for DEXA examination


The osteopathic centre is equipped with cutting-edge technology – densitometry machines such as Lunar GE iDXA and Lunar  Prodigy Advance, with maximum software equipment. DXA densitometry machine  (absorptiometry of two energy radiation) is used to determine bone mineral density in the lumbar spine, proximal end of the femur, including the neck, forearm or the whole body. These values are related to the risk of fractures and these values define osteoporosis according to the World Health Organisation. DXA examination is at this moment essential to star and monitor the treatment of osteoporosis (the medication is covered by health insurance companies). Since 2012 the facility has been equipped with and uses regularly special software to set TBS (Trabecular bone score) which contributes to the risk of fractures.

Information for the Physicians

Contraindications of the examinations-> recent radionuclide examination (within 3 days after scintigraphy using 99mTc-MDP or other examination using 99mTc, other examinations within 1 week (Tl201, I131) recent contrast examination of gastrointestinal tract including contrast examination GIT  at CT (examined lumbar spine is usually covered with the contrast agent). Given the need for accessible norms and their comparison with examined result we can only evaluate standard locations of lambic spine, femors, forearms or whole body BMD.  You cannot evaluate an area with an implanted metallic material, evaluation of L spine is also problematic during significant scoliosis.

Sending the Description of the Examination Electronically

If the physician has set up access to electronic communication (mostly when importing laboratory results) it is possible based upon the marked request and adjustment of the system by IT specialists to send examination description in this form directly to the information system of the requesting physician.

Request Forms

To simplify the contact and making appointments, request forms for our examination are available on our website. They contain our address and phone number for making an appointment and correspond with the request form type K. You can ask for these printed forms on the phone number: 267090827 (secretariat).

Clinical Trials

The centre has been involved in clinical trials for new medicine for osteology (treatment of osteoporosis of men and women) for many years- Simultaneously the centre of bone densitometry provides densitometry examinations (either clinical focusing on skeleton and medicine influencing bone metabolism) and also for other medical specialties, where you need to determine body composition.

Physicians of the Osteopathic Centre

Head Physician 

  • MUDr. Petr Kasalický, CSc.


  • MUDr. Petr Bubeníček, CSc.
  • MUDr. Helena Dejmková
  • MUDr. Ludmila Krainová Moszkorzová, Ph.D.
  • MUDr. Jitka Kolářová
  • MUDr. Jana Nepomucká, CSc.
  • MUDr. Jan Rosa
  • MUDr. Simona Skácelová
  • MUDr. Michal Škácha