It deals with endocrinology issues as a whole focusing on the diseases of thyroid gland as the main activity of the department, performs ultrasound examination of thyroid gland including punctures, differential diagnostics.

Outpatient Pediatric Endocrinology

Outpatient pediatric endocrinology provides care to pediatric patients and adolescents and covers pediatric endocrinology mainly in the following areas: thyroid diseases, impaired growth and development including puberty disorders, adrenal diseases, childhood obesity. Undoubted advantage for the teenagers is the possibility to stay at the same physician even after reaching adulthood as the department is common for child and adult clientèle.

Detailed Information

We diagnose and treat thyroid gland diseases, we perform thyroid ultrasonography, therapeutic and diagnostic biopsy of the thyroid controlled by ultrasound, we treat pituitary disease, adrenal and gonadal disorders, disorders of calcium metabolism (hyper and hypothyroidism) and osteoporosis (cooperation with Osteopathic Centre Affidea Chodov), obesity and metabolic diseases.

As a form of prevention we look out for listed groups of patients – during pregnancy, cardiology patients treated with amidarone. If necessary, we will provide a brief hospitalization at the department of internal medicine to perform functional diagnostic tests and treatment of more serious conditions caused by dysfunction of endocrine glands, thyroid gland surgery at reputable facilities. We use diagnostic imaging methods available at Affidea Praha 4 – Chodov (ultrasonography, bone densitometry, CT, MRI).


Ultrasonography: devices GE Logiq P6, GE Logiq S7 Expert, GE Logiq S8

Head of the Department

  • MUDr. Petr Kasalický, CSc.


  • MUDr. Michal Škácha
  • MUDr. Milan Šimon
  • MUDr. Ivana Čermáková
  • MUDr. Dan Rakušan
  • MUDr. Martina Salátová
  • MUDr. Soňa Stanická, PhD
  • MUDr. Helena Mašková
  • MUDr. Helena Vrbíková
  • MUDr. Markéta Macková
  • MUDr. Terezie Havrdová