Vascular advisory centre (angiology – cardiology)

It is engaged in a wide range of vascular system diseases using non-invasive diagnostics and pharmacotherapy, if invasive check ups and procedures are needed, we ensure that these check ups and procedures are performed at renowned medical centres.

More detailed info

The most frequent diseases of the lower extremities venous system include varicosities (so called varicose veins), further, chronic venous insufficiency, superficial trombophlebitis and deep vein trombosis.

In this area we provide:

  • complex advisory for patients with vein diseases
  • complex, non-invasive diagnostic testing of the venous system based on the sonographic (ultrasound) vein testing
  • in case of required surgical treatment of varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency, we ensure continuing care in renowned medical centres and subsequent out-patient care after these operations
  • we ensure sclerotherapy or laser treatment of lower extremities

Most frequent coronary diseases include atherosclerosis of upper and lower extremities, abdominal and neck atherosclerosis.

  • we ensure a complex non-invasive testing and care for patients with arterial disorders
  • we use sonography, Doppler testing, CT,MR
  • we diagnose a provide a complex treatment of artery circulation functional disorders occurring most often in upper extremities, so called vasoneurosis
  • we provide consultations, diagnostics and treatment of so called thoracic outlet syndrome
  • if necessary, we ensure invasive diagnostic testing, including surgical treatment and catheterisation at renowned centres
  • after operations we ensure continuing long-term out-patient care

Technical equipment

MultiDopplex II
Sonography: Logic 500 (manufactured by GEMS)

  • MUDr. Aleš Horáček
  • MUDr. Miroslav Vítovec, CSc.