Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

MR Avanto 1,5T in Affidea

In May 2009 a new magnetic resonance machine was installed in Affidea – Magnetom Avanto 1,5 T (Siemens).
High technology enables improvement on multiple levels, expansion and more effective diagnostics.
The benefit for clients will be: 

  1. Shortening of the appointment time – the advantage of the new machine is the reduction of the examination time in higher quality. 
  2. Improvement of examination comfort – specific technology allows to examine various body parts without the need to manipulate with the patient. Examination comfort also includes reduced noise of the machine and shorter “gantry” which reduces stress for claustrophobic patients
  3. Improvement of quality of diagnosis  - traditionally high quality and popular orthopedic diagnostics after the investment into latest equipment of special coils moves the examination possibilities to the highest possible level available in the whole region.   
  4. Extension of the examination spectrum
    Existing standard diagnostics is enhanced by magnetic resonance angiography which is a vascular diagnostics with a significant benefit of the patients who are spared invasive methods and burden of the ionizing radiation.
    Possibility to use in the oncology screening according to the requirements of the indicating specialists. Examination of the small intestine – MR enteroclysis gently without the need for duodenal probe with maximum diagnostics capacity.

Magnetic resonance of the new generation enables significant qualitative and quantitative shift in diagnostics. It is connected with high proficiency of the staff who are able to use the advantages of the technologies for the benefit of the patient.

Information for the Patients

Total time of the MRI scan can be between 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on what examination sequences are needed and whether it is necessary to use the contrast agent. Before the examination it is necessary to be informed about several things...

Informed Consent of the Patient MR

Examination Outputs

Magnetic resonance enables very high quality imaging of soft-tissue structures which cannot be captured by another examination modality in the necessary extent and quality. Besides standard images it is also possible to examine vascular system (MR angiography) in such quality that in most cases it is possible to abandon a classical angiography examination, which is very strenuous for the patient.

Magnetic Resonance Principle (MR)

A human body consists of a large number of atoms of various substances. Magnetic moments (spins) of the atoms of those substances when exposed to a strong magnetic field “arrange” in the direction of the orientation of the magnetic field. During the “waking” pulse the atom spins divert and when the pulse finishes the spins go back to “aligned position”. On the way back to this position they emit different signals. When we measure those signals, we can determine which substances make different tissues and using software we can display their image on the monitor. This is a very simplified principle of the magnetic resonance, in practice it is much more difficult.

Magnetic Resonance Workplace (MR)

MR examinations have become indispensable recently for diagnostics in most medical fields which leads to steeply increasing requirements along with quite long examination time resulting in long waiting periods (several months) for this examination even in university hospitals. Our facility is equipped with powerful cutting-edge Siemens technology and its technical parameters brought us to the leader in the whole country.
In 2001 Affidea magnetic resonance department became the first MR outpatient facility outside big hospitals. It is primarily designed as a service center for all indicating physicians from specialized clinics and hospitals. A wide range of MR examinations is performed here, including MR angiography (except for peripheral angiography and breast MR). At present we have a device of 1,5T strength of the magnet which enables virtually complete examination within standard requirements of mainly neurology, orthopedics, oncology.

To make an appointment call phone no.: +420 267 090 854. You need a request form filled in by the indicating physician with the specification of the examination.

MR Examination Request Form

Head of the Department

  • MUDr. Helena Štěňhová


  • MUDr. Hana Vondřichová
  • MUDr. Jiří Bučil
    MUDr. Michaela Hainzová