Physicians – anesthesiologists provide anesthesiological surveillance mainly for CT and MRI examinations due to the possibility of allergic reactions to the contrast agents. The anesthesiologist routinely performs cannulation of the peripheral vein, solves possible allergic reactions or other complications. 

Furthermore, the anesthesiologist performs analgesia for patients suffering from unbearable pain and provides sedation to claustrophobic or anxious patients. 

During cardioversion the anesthesiologist performs complete short-term intravenous anesthesia and monitors the patient after the procedure.

During esophageal ECHO the anesthesiologist is ready to sedate anxious or uncooperative patient. 

If necessary, the anesthesiologist provides first aid within all Affidea departments. 

The anesthesiologist is involved in education and further training of medical staff regarding first aid. 

The anesthesiologist with higher qualification (II. Attestation) and licence  is present in Affidea at all times.

    Head of the Department
  • MUDr. Petr Heneberg