Internal Medicine Ambulatory

Since DC AFFIDEA´s key objective is to diagnose internal medicine problems as soon as possible, the Internal Medicine Department with its follow-up sub-specialisations is the primary chain link of our health-care facility. Internists with general erudition, co-ordinate the examinations and determine further procedures in co-operation with their collegues, specialists in the area of internal medicine sub-specialisations. In addition to ensuring the diagnostic process, the Department of General Internal Medicine ensures a complex internal medicine medical check up, pre-operative check up, dispensation of patients with hypertension and dyslipoproteinemia.

    Head of the Department
  • MUDr. Stanislav Hrdlička

  • MUDr. Eva Lauerová
  • doc.MUDr. Jana Málková, CSc.
  • MUDr. Marie Svobodová
  • MUDr. Petr Bubeníček, CSc.
  • MUDr. Martin Pruner