Medical Specialties

Since its foundation in 1996 Affidea Praha, s.r.o. has built a strong position and reputation among medical facilities providing care for Prague and its surroundings. In some methodologies we have significantly “super-regional” character. Since the foundation we have examined more than 300.000 patients.

Our facility could be a good choice for your diagnostic process for the following reasons:

Non-invasive Cardiology Center

Cardiology  - we provide complete non-invasive cardiology (echocardiography, bicycle or belt ergometry – choice of the patient and cardiologist), ECG Holter monitoring and BP Holter monitor (probably the largest in Prague and Central Bohemia), arrhythmology center with check of stimulators (Biotronik, Vitatron). Cardiology department provides, if necessary, continuity with invasive examinations in the top Prague facilities.

Internal Medicine Department

General Internal Medicine  - we provide preoperative examinations, dyslipoproteinemia, diagnostics, hypertension.
Metabolic Centre – deals with metabolic disorders and obesitology. Metabolic centre examines, suggest treatment or check patients with predominant or exclusive metabolic disorder and where it is possible to influence with medical diet combined with medication therapy.
Vascular center – diagnostics and treatment of diseases of vascular system including ultrasonography with Doppler imaging.
Nephrology  - provides internal care for patients with kidney diseases. We mainly look out for patients with chronic forms of kidney diseases, such as glomerulonephritis, patients with kidney disease in systemic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, vasculitis and connective tissue diseases, etc.) and patients with congenital kidney problems.
Neurology – we take care of neurology as a whole focusing on following diseases and disorders of central nervous  system: conditions after cerebrovascular accidents, headaches, spinal trauma, degenerative and other etiology, compressive neuropathy. 
Occupational Health Services - are a part of the legislation of the Czech Republic and it gives the companies the responsibility to ensure it for all their employees. Affidea provides this care in accordance with the statutory provisions as a care outside the reimbursement by health insurance companies.
Advice Centre for Trips Abroad – we provide seasonal vaccination, advice for trips abroad with subsequent vaccination.

Osteopathic Centre

Osteopathic Centre – (equipped with full body DXA densitometry) is one of the recognized osteopathic centres and training centre with follow-up departments focused on diagnostics and treatment of osteoporosis and other metabolic bone diseases.
Rheumatology Center – provides care to patients with a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders.
Endocrinology – we perform endocrinological examinations focused on thyroid disorders (with ultrasonography and punctures of the thyroid gland in the ambulance), but also other endocrinopathies.

Complete Imaging

Ultrasonography department- ultrasonography department working two shifts perform examinations of a full spectrum of ultrasonography methods.
Computed Tomography – equipped with 64 spiral CT scan which enables a full range of methods including CT angiography and 3D reconstruction. Our CT department serves not only to the physicians in the field, but is also used for hospitalized patients from hospital in Prague and surroundings.
Magnetic Resonance - MRI is a highly specialized department performing examinations for patients from all the Czech Republic (in the context of neurological, oncological, orthopedic and other indications) and it is also used by renowned neurosurgical departments.

We also provide:

  1. High professionalism and erudition of our physicians (mostly coming into our facility from university hospitals) as an essential premise of quality care.
  2. Top quality medical technology.
  3. Good accessibility by car (near the D1 motorway) with a parking place in front of our building, or public transport (near the underground station Chodov – C /red/ line).
  4. Comfortable appointments by phone, in person, email or online form (our receptionists take care of the appointments daily from Monday to Friday from 7am to 8pm on Prague phone numbers 267090811-14.
  5. The appointment system takes into account several related examinations in one day and is able to provide suitable time with as little time spent in the waiting room as possible. This system enables management and checking of the waiting times in individual departments. Our constant goal is to minimize waiting time (so that the maximum number of patients is examined and treated within their appointment time). 
  6. Pleasant environment corresponding with the beginning of the 21st century – we have a lot of requests to be photographed as an example of modern healthcare facility for medical magazines and articles. We also think about the details – e.g. there are water dispensers for still and sparkling water in the waiting rooms.
  7. Extended working hours, basic hours Monday to Friday from 7am to 8pm, for some frequent methods we also work Saturdays and Sundays (BP and ECG Holters, CT, MRI), so that some examinations can be performed outside the usual working hours which suits busy patients.

We mostly try to meet the needs of fast and reliable diagnostics in the primary care for GPs and internal medicine.