About us

Affidea Praha, s.r.o. - Chodov is a private medical facility which provides highly specialized diagnostic care using the latest medical technologies and also complex health care. Since its foundation in 1996 more than 300.00 patients have been treated here. 

Affidea Praha, s.r.o. - Chodov is mostly a diagnostic facility using the latest examination technology. It belongs to renowned outpatient facilities in the Czech Republic which own their own computer tomography device and also magnetic resonance.

The main essence of the diagnostic centre is that it can perform highly specialized medical diagnostics in a relatively small space. By using modern diagnostic machines in cooperation with highly qualified physicians it provides outpatient examinations and a big part of examinations that can only be performed in big hospitals today. The diagnostic center becomes the guarantor of expertise and high quality of the performed examinations. 

The model of a fully fledged diagnostic center was based on experience from abroad where diagnostic centres of this kind are very common. Patients go to the diagnostic centers upon request from their general practitioner or a specialist who does not have such examination technology available. After the examination, or after the treatment and follow-up care they go back to their physicians or are sent to an inpatient facility for further treatment. 

To ensure follow-up specialised care we cooperate with a number of renowned medical facilities and specialised clinics. 

After some examinations, mainly radiological, it is unfortunately necessary as a part of the preparation (administration of the contrast agents) to spend longer time in the waiting room. As a lot of our patients are very busy, we set up mobile Internet access in our waiting rooms before CT + MR examination and in the waiting room of the occupational health service so that the time in the waiting room can be spent effectively (for the setting parameters, please, contact our reception). 

Working hours of Affidea Praha, s.r.o. - Chodov are Monday to Friday from 7am to 8pm. Selected departments also work on Saturdays and Sundays from 7.30am to 8pm.