Mammology studies breast diseases. Combined examination by an experienced doctor, ultrasound and mammography may exclude tumour diagnosis, diffuse unnecessary concerns of patients or find dangerous disease in its beginning, when an effective treatment is possible.


Mammography is an imaging technique using a very low batch of X-ray radiation to examine breast. A special X-ray machine, so called mammograph is necessary to obtain the picture image.

Preparation for examination

We do not recommend that the breast screening is performed a week prior to the period. The best time for screening is a week after the period. The radiological assistant or doctor should be informed about any suspicion of a potential pregnancy !!!

Screening output

Images of breast can be exposed to film or projected directly to the diagnostic monitor using the digital mammography.

Technical equipment

Mammography machine: SENOGRAPH + (manufactured by GEMS)
Sonography: Logic 9 (manufactured by GEMS), Logic 400+ (manufactured by GEMS)

According to global statistical results the increase of malign breast diseases is apparent in all countries. So far there has not been any laboratory testing to detect primary tumour cells. The only possible prevention includes regular mammography or ultrasound screening and controls in breast diagnostic centres, where the risk of finding is assessed or complementary examinations are recommended and terms and character of further evaluation is determined. On the basis of the finding we will decide on the necessity of further treatment and will contact the appropriate medical centre which will arrange for immediate cure.
Another important means serving to timely detection of malign breast diseases is a regular self-evaluation.

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